Software Tools

Before you (the administrator) install ZStack, prepare the following software packages to smoothen the installation and deployment process:
  • ZStack Custom ISO
    • File name: ZStack-x86_64-DVD-3.10.0-c76.iso
    • Download address: Click here.
    c72 ISO Upgrade Statement:
    • From ZStack 3.7.1, we no longer provide c72 ISO for installation. If you already installed c72 ISO, you could upgrade it to the latest version.
    • The local repositories (repos) in c72 ISO are directed to c74 ISO. If you use offline upgrade, obtain the c74 ISO to update the local repos.
  • ZStack Installation Package
    • File name: ZStack-installer-3.10.0.bin
    • Download address: Click here.
Note: After you download the installation package, confirm the integrity of the file by using the MD5 checksum tool.

Hardware Requirements

This topic provides an example of deploying a single-node (All-in-One) server. The minimum hardware requirements are as follows.
Component Requirement
  • 64-bit, 4-core CPU, supported Intel VT or AMD VT
  • 8 GB memory in demonstration environments, 64 GB memory in production environments
  • One or more 1 TB Serial ATA (SATA) hard disks
  • One or more 1 Gigabit network interface controllers (NIC)
Network Switch
  • One or more 1 Gigabit switches. A 10 Gigabit switch is recommended
  • Several CAT 5 jumper cables

Burn an ISO Image to a USB Drive

This topic describes how to burn an ISO image to a USB drive by using UltraISO.
  1. Open an ISO image in UltraISO.
    Launch UltraISO, and choose File > Open to open the downloaded ISO file, as shown in Open ISO Image in UltraISO.
    Figure 1. Open ISO Image in UltraISO

  2. Write the ISO image to the USB drive.
    In UltraISO, choose Bootable > Write Disk Image, as shown in Figure 2.
    Figure 2. Write Disk Image in UItraISO

  3. From the Disk Drive drop-down list, select the target USB drives.
    • If the system has only one USB drive plugged in, the USB drive will be burned and written by default. Before you burn the image to the USB drive, make sure that the USB drive is backed up.
    • For other options, use the default settings. After the settings are completed, click Write.
    As shown in Figure 3.
    Figure 3. Verify the Writing of ISO Image in UItraISO

  4. On the popup page, click Yes. Then, UltraISO will burn the ISO image to the target USB drives.
  5. Here, the target USB drives can be used as boot disks and support Legacy and UEFI modes.

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