Before you perform any upgrades, make the following preparations:
  1. Disable the VM high availability (HA) functionality globally to avoid accidentally triggering VM HA and affecting the upgrade. Method: In the left-side navigation pane of the UI, choose Settings > Global Settings. On the Global Settings tab page, set Enable next to the HA category to false. You can manually enable this functionality after the upgrade is completed.
    • Run the following command in the management node to back up your database:
      [root@zstack-1 ~]#zstack-ctl dump_mysql --file-name zstack-db-backup
      For example, the database backup is /var/lib/zstack/mysql-backup/zstack-db-backup-2019-12-16_15-34-16.gz. We recommend that you copy and paste it to the /root/ directory.
  2. Run the following command in the management node to back up the zstack-upgrade script:
    [root@zstack-1 ~]#cp /usr/local/bin/zstack-upgrade /root/zstack-upgrade-bk
  1. Before you upgrade the cloud, you need to prepare the required upgrade script, system ISO, and installation upgrade package. We recommend that you save the above software or script to the /root/ directory where the management node is located.
  2. The libvirt version can be automatically upgraded during the upgrade process of ZStack. Specifically, if you are using c74 ISO and QEMU 2.9, the libvirt version will be automatically upgraded to 4.9.0.
    • If you deployed the cloud with an open-source Ceph distributed storage and enabled Cephx (the Ceph authentication protocol), an error might be reported during CD-ROM hot swapping on a VM instance. This error is caused because the new libvirt version currently does not support hot swapping. For more information, contact the official technical support for help.
    • From ZStack 3.2.0, the supported format of shared volumes is changed to raw. Therefore, the format of shared volumes created in a Shared Block primary storage is changed to raw. In this case, you cannot create snapshots for or resize the shared volumes. In addition, when the attached VM instances are in the running state, you cannot create images for these shared volumes. However, the preceding restrictions will be lifted, and more features will be provided in later versions of ZStack. For more information, follow our official website for updates.
    • You can disable libvirt auto upgrade by performing the following operations:
      Go to /usr/local/zstack/apache-tomcat/webapps/zstack/WEB-INF/classes/, and set the following parameter in
      updatePkgWhenConnect = false
      # Disable libvirt auto upgrade. The default value is true.

      Restart the management node for the setting to take effect.

  3. From version 3.7.1, ZStack provides two ISO versions: c76 and c74, either of whose repositories (repo) are compatible in both versions. When you upgrade the cloud, note that:
    • Version 3.7.1 and later versions will no longer provide c72 ISO for you to install and deploy new clouds. However, you can upgrade your existing c72 ISO to the latest version. For information about capacity expansion or system upgrade, contact the official technical support.
    • From 3.7.1, the local repo in c72 will be redirected to c74. If you upgrade your cloud offline, obtain c74 ISO to replace the local repo.

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